Randolph Schreiner

Web Developer Portfolio

This portfolio collection has been created to demonstrate my technical competency and individual personality.


Dinosaur Compare
Dinosaur Compare
JavaScript and HTML
Blog Site Clone
Blog Site Clone
JavaScript, BootStrap, MongoDB, Express, and Node.js
MineSweeper Game
Java, Java FX
Portfolio Site
Portfolio Website
JavaScript, TailWinds CSS, Node.js, Express, EJS, MongoDb

A little about me

Entry Level Web Developer

Junior developer with real world experiences in logistics, sales, and design. One of my favorite things to do on the computer is to present back-end data through front end visuals in a meaningful way. I'm also interested in the utilization of technology with heavy industry to reduce workplace hazards, enhance training, and increase quality of life. It is satisfying for me to work with clients, to discover their needs, and to provide for them solutions that exceed expectations.

A few of the things I value in life are spending time with my family, taking small adventures in nature, collecting memorabilia from notable explorers, making things with tools, and practicing my faith through charity. I'm also known to stop at truck stops, arcades, and bars for no other reason than to play pinball. My favorite Pinball tables are Star Trek and South Park.

I'm looking to be brought on as an Entry Level Developer with the desire to learn industry standards in a corporate setting. As a self taught fine artist and 8 years as a Semi-Truck driver, I know that being mentored by those who are more experienced can accelerate the process of growth and set oneself up for success. Im excited to work in a team environment with other developers and to contribute to the success of my employer by helping them make the world more understandable through technology.

Current Build

• JavaScript • Node.JS
• Express • Mongo DB
• Tailwind CSS • HTML
• GitHub • VS Code

Previous Experience

• Java • Spring • MySQL
• Android • React
• React Native

Degrees and Certifications


Liberal Arts Degree in Environmental Studies

Prescott College, AZ


Java Coding Bootcamp Certificate of Completion

Grand Circus, Detroit


JavaScript Certification

Free Code Camp 300 hr JavaScript Study

Contact Information

Randolph Schreiner

Phone Number: 947 622 0655
Email: RandolphSchreiner@gmail.com
Lake Orion, MI