The Choking World Order

When we look at the image above we see the distribution of the nations with the greatest debts. The United States takes the primary spot with nearing 28 Trillion dollars worth of debt. When broken down per tax payer this comes to about $330,000 owed per tax payer.

To pay off this debt by all regards is an impossible feat. Now after the year of Covid-19 released from mainland China in early 2020 the debts are even more difficult to settle.

Now most people would look at the surface level of things and assume that this is just the way the world turns. That Joe Biden honestly won the 2020 Presidential Election and that the United States will ride off into the sunset and fly off into the galaxy. That is how it appears, but lets actually take a look back and recognize things are not always as they seem.

Lets first start with the United States as a whole. How in the world did they get into so much debt in the first place?

If we look at this following graph we can see that the majority of 2019 funds went into the military. When we adjust the 2015 chart for inflation to $1.197 Trillion the differences in spending shrink between administrations.

The primary motive of showing this information is that you can be aware that between administrations the Obama era spent less on transportation, veterans, and military while simultaneously still being quite active in foreign conflicts. These decisions influenced the Trump administration to increase spending on the military and to better support veterans at home.

That is not the point of this article though. The point of this article is to fast forward to today and look at why this last election was so bizarre and why has the turmoil continued for so long.

Lets start with this. President Trump was never meant to be elected in 2016. Hillary Clinton was scheduled to be the next president of the United States. Now if we look at the above charts again we can see the writing on the wall with the closure of the Obama administration. The intention was to close his admin with a hollowed out and worn out military and a populace dependent upon the government for sustenance. Then Hillary Clinton could come into the White House and proceed to put the nail in the coffin for the future of America.

We had the Paris Climate Accord, shut down of the Keystone Pipeline, a rotted out military, and zero to no resistance to foreign immigration. If Donald Trump was not elected President we would not even be having this conversation. Because the case for the future of America would be shut.

Have you ever seen how sometimes the smart kid will team up with a tough kid? The smart kid will use the tough kid to do their dirty work and when trouble comes let them fend for themselves.

The United States for the last 20 years has been the “Tough Kid” and has been being used by the smart kid all this time. Think of the Middle East Wars, NATO, Foreign Aid, and International Investment. The United States Citizens have been the piggy bank of the world and now that the piggy bank is empty the world and the US creditors are ready to shut the United States down while killing the elderly population and feminizing the young male population.

Hence Covid-19, Mail in Ballots, Tech Censorship, and Foreign Election Interference. As soon as Biden took office we had shut down of gas exploration on federal lands. The shut down of the Keystone pipeline and other gas pipelines in the United States by allied democratic Governors. We had the instantaneous opening of schools and restaurants in democratic states. Additionally the medical community released new research on how to effectively treat Covid-19 without the need for the Vaccine. Tech companies and international shippers are now able to reopen business with China trade partners with new diplomatic alliances. The very tariffs being used by the Trump administration to increase the United States GDP, industrial capacity, and reduce the trade deficit will promptly be erased. China will move in and be the new overlord of the South China Sea. Additionally OPEC nations no longer will need to compete with the United States Oil capacity and will use the very last value of the US dollar to inflate away student loan debt and create the infrastructure for a new Communist Technocracy.

But don’t be deluded to believe that China is behind this all. Look for who has funded China. Then look to the nations who got all they wanted from the United States in the last 20 years but no longer have any need for their blood, treasure, and service.

But what these nations do not understand is that the United States was not created to serve them. It was created to serve the freedom of all mankind. We are not done bringing freedom to the world. For we have only begun to fight and now we know who all our enemies are both foreign and domestic. We gave you all a chance to repent and to come clean. Now justice will be done.

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